Dear parents, we get how concerned you are with your kid’s safety and health. A child is always prone to accidents and disasters. They might fall ill suddenly, they might bang and bump their way. They are kids and that’s what they do.

For parents, especially when you are a first-timer, realizing the deadliness of an illness or injury is alarming. Even a ding to the head might cause more bleeding than a scrape on the knee. On other hand, a fever spike might need a cool cloth and a small dose of Tylenol. So, how can you figure out which incident needs a home remedy and which one needs a trip to your nearest doctor’s clinic?

Having such doubts is completely natural. But “every circumstance doesn’t need hospital care” – say the experts of the best diagnostic center in Howrah. But, when you are not sure what to do, call your nearest pediatrician.

How Can A Primary Pediatrician Help?

A primary care doctor can handle minor burns, colds, coughs, and sore throats. Plus, a diagnostic center always has an urgent care clinic to treat seizures, difficulty breathing, change in mental status, severe bleeding, trauma, and other injuries.

Here are a few emergency scenarios and some tips to act on them.

When Your Child Is Having High Fever

A fever, for your information, is not an illness. It is your body’s way to deal with any infection. Unfortunately, kids get injured by all sorts of infections which might cause fever. So, how to ensure your kid’s safety during this situation?

Visit the best diagnostic center in Uttarpara or any other place you live in when your child has caught a temperature of 100.5 and more. However, if your child is older than six weeks, you might manage the condition at home. But for your kid’s safety, it is always best to visit an expert.

When Your Child Is Vomiting

You can usually manage it at your home. If your child is vomiting, offer small sips of water after thirty minutes. Rehydration solution often works for the best. Just do not let your child gulp down in large quantities. Otherwise, it might cause them to vomit again. If you can’t control the situation at home, it is always advisable that you visit the best diagnostic center in Hooghly or any other place that is nearest.

When Your Child Has Serious Injury

If your kid has broken a limb or got a cut that is bleeding badly, you must visit your nearest emergency clinic for your kid’s safety. It is better not to try any home remedies for such major injuries.

With the guidance of the best doctors and the use of the right tools and technology, you will never risk your kid’s safety again!