Currently, we are in the middle of a pandemic due to the Coronavirus outbreak. It’s been more than a year now, vaccines are out, but people still worry about catching the deadly virus. Researchers are still trying to learn about different diseases that make people more prone to the disease.

By now, you might have read news stories claiming that people who have high blood pressure are more likely to get it. So, is it true? Let’s find out what the best doctor’s clinic in Hooghly shares.

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Why COVID-19 Can Be Harsh On People With High Blood Pressure?

If your blood pressure is high, it would be wise to take some extra precautions during the pandemic outbreak. As per the survey records, around thirty percent to fifty percent of COVID+ve patients have it.  Besides, diabetes, cancer, lung disease is making it worse for covid patients too.

But, what is the link?

According to the best doctors available in Hooghly, a weaker immune system is the key reason. A chronic health condition and aging weaken your immunity system and make you more prone to catch the virus.

Some studies have also claimed that taking high-blood pressure medicines might put an impact. Yet, there is very little evidence that proves that it is true. That is why, changing your medication or stopping it totally, might lead you to other complications. So, if you are on BP meds, continue it unless your doctor makes any changes.

How COVID Affect People With High Blood Pressure?

While pneumonia is the most common outcome of catching the virus, it can also damage your cardiovascular system. High blood pressure reduces blood flow in your heart and damages your arteries. It means that your heart needs to work harder to pump enough blood. It can make your heart weak over time and it can’t pump as much oxygen as your body needs.

So, how does it get worse for a COVID patient?

Coronavirus also damages the heart directly. So, if your heart is already weak because of high BP, the virus attack might cause inflammation of the heart. As a result, it will be harder for your heart to pump blood.

What Should You Do To Prevent The Risk?

Everyone has to take precautions to prevent coronavirus. But, people with any complex health condition and high blood pressure need to be extra careful.

  • Make sure you have enough medicine for your health conditions
  • Stock up on over-the-counter medicines if you get sick suddenly.
  • Visit the best super specialty polyclinic in Hooghly or wherever you live if you need some urgent medical advice
  • Stay at home as much as possible and practice social distancing

If you have high blood pressure and have any questions about COVID-19 and your medication, don’t hesitate to speak with your doctor.