If you are seeking the blessing of motherhood right now, you probably have too many questions to ask. Every first-time mother goes through the stage of confusion, stress and panic. It is natural. In today’s blog, let’s try and answer all the queries you have to make your pregnancy nothing but a joyride!

This Blog Will Talk About:

  • The Early Symptoms Of Pregnancy
  • Pregnancy Blood test
  • How Soon Will A Blood Test Detect Pregnancy?
  • How Is A Pregnancy Blood Test Performed?
  • Is It More Accurate Than A Urine Test?
  • Your Test Came Positive! What Next?

Let’s get started!

The Early Symptoms Of Pregnancy 

Most women gets the first clue of being pregnant when they miss their period. But, some women might experience the symptoms sooner. These symptoms include –

  • Breast tenderness
  • Fatigue
  • Headache

If you are trying to conceive and experience the above-mentioned symptoms, you can directly go for a pregnancy blood test done in the best diagnostic centre in Hooghly or wherever you live.  But these symptoms can be a result of something else too. It is always better to take a home pregnancy test at first. When your urine test shows the most awaited two-pink-lines go to your doctor to confirm the result.

Pregnancy Blood Test 

After you have a positive pregnancy test result, your doctor will prescribe a blood test and a urine test.  There are two kinds of blood tests to confirm your pregnancy.

  • Qualitative Test- Often provides a simple YES or NO.
  • Quantitative Test – It determines the level of hCG in your blood and how far you are in your pregnancy.

How Soon Will A Blood Test Detect Pregnancy?

Blood tests are usually done in a diagnostic center and detect hCG earlier than urine tests. For instance, if you have tested your blood in the best diagnostic centre in Howrah, they deliver a hundred percent accurate results within 3-6 days.

How Is A Pregnancy Blood Test Performed?  

There is no difference between a pregnancy blood test and other simple blood tests. You will have a needle inserted into your vein and the diagnostic expert will draw a bit of blood. If the blood test result shows the presence of hCG, your doctor might prescribe a quantitative test.

Is It More Accurate Than A Urine Test?

These days urine tests are very accurate. But a blood test is even more so!

Your Test Came Positive! What Next?

How exciting it is that you are going to have a bundle of joy in your life! But a positive result is just the starting line of your journey. You have to be in care, medication, and rest during the next nine months! Consult the best diagnostic centre in Uttarpara(if you live nearby) as expert gynecologists are there to provide the right guidance.