Most of us suffer from breathing trouble at some point in our life. Now, you might think, “I don’t smoke, so I am out of it.” This concept no longer exists. Breathing trouble no longer is confined to smoking. The air that surrounds us is polluted so much that even a small baby may face problems while breathing.

Let’s first discuss what the breathing problem means:

A feeling of discomfort while breathing is the first sign of breathing trouble. If someone is unable to take a complete breath, he/she won’t feel comfortable. Mild breathing distress due to constitutional weakness doesn’t fall under this category, but it is always better to get tested, the best pathology lab in Uttarpara suggests.


Heavy breathing:
Suppose smog or smoke is causing you heavy breathing; In that case you must do an allergy test from a good diagnostic center in Uttarpara or your locality if Uttarpara is far from your house.


A person with cough, most of the time, makes a sound while breathing. A low sound of whistling may occur if that person is suffering from breathing trouble.


Fever is caused due to many reasons, but if one is having a fever and facing problems while breathing, it can be a reason for a respiratory infection. One must get himself/herself tested before it’s late.

Barking cough:

Heavy coughing, along with a loud sound of barking, is an indication of a breathing problem. One should never ignore it. An irritant attacks one’s respiratory system, and as a result, respiratory trouble is caused, which creates the barking sound while coughing. This doesn’t let the system heal itself, so it’s always better to consult a general physician and take the tests prescribed by the doctor.

Trouble while sleeping:

Breathing trouble can be a reason for sleepless nights. If one is unable to have enough sleep, this may cause more life-threatening diseases.
Tightness in the throat and pain in the chest:
A breathing problem may cause throat choke and chest pain. Chest pain is mainly a result of a continuous barking cough.


You must get yourself tested from a reputed diagnostic center in Hooghly if you are facing any of these problems. These indicate a high risk of respiratory infection. One must not be late in consulting a doctor in this case. Dr. M.N. Chatterjee Memorial Pathology Laboratory is one of the best pathology labs in Uttarpara serving mankind for a long time.

Home remedies:

  • Stop smoking
  • Inhale steam
  • Have ginger tea
  • Gargle twice a day with saltwater
  • Have citrus fruits like lemons and oranges
  • Garlic also can help
  • Honey can be of great help
  • Consume hot tea or coffee

These not only can cure breathing trouble if it is diagnosed early, but these may perform as preventive as well. So, you can make these a part of your daily life. But, it’s always better to consult a doctor.