It might not be a common discussion, but your period can sometimes determine the state of your health. Did you know the blood color (no matter how gross it sounds) indicates whether something is wrong? Every little thing related to our health is trying to tell us something. That is why the best doctors available in Hooghly always suggest noticing every small change like brown period blood that’s happening in your body.

So, Why Is Your Period Blood Brown?

By now, you may have got used to a certain color of your menstruation. But in reality, period blood has a variety of consistencies and colors. Plus, it can change throughout your cycle. For instance, It’s not always red – it can change from light pink to dark blackish-brown and it’s still normal.

Simply put, brown blood is nothing but your old blood.  Also, during menstruation, the tissue and blood lying in your uterus break down and leaves your body. Eventually, it gets exposed to air and goes through a process called oxidation. That might be the reason behind your brown period blood.

Often, on your first day of the period, you will find brown period blood and it might be the little bit of blood left from your last month’s cycle. Also, you might experience this when you are at the end of your cycle. It’s more common when your flow is lighter and blood takes longer to leave your body.

A little pinkish-brown spotting also happens around the time of ovulation which is the midway point of your menstrual cycle. Your egg gets released at this time from one of your ovaries.

What If It’s Not Your Period Blood?

Ever since you got your first period you might have noticed that a clear, white vaginal discharge often appears in your undies. Although it’s completely healthy to have those, when you are having brown discharge when you are not expecting your period, it can be concerning. Book an appointment with a gynecologist, available at the best doctor’s clinic in Hooghly or wherever you live.

There are times when dark brown period blood can be a sign of something more serious like an ovarian cyst or pelvic inflammatory disease. If you are having abdominal pain, a burning feeling while you pee, or an extra weird-smelling vaginal discharge, book an appointment with a gynecologist.

You Might Have To Undergo A Pelvic Exam

If you are extra sensitive down there, a little brown discharge might happen after you underwent a pelvic exam. It is also very normal to have this after a pap smear. The test collects cells from your cervix using a soft brush or cotton swab. It might cause a little brown discharge for the next few days.

So, you see the reason can be many. Only a professional gynecologist from the super specialty polyclinic in Hooghly or wherever you live can detect the right issue. Seek medical guidance now!