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Skin Allergies and Contact Dermatitis

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It often happens that your immune system thinks the skin is under attack when something touches it. However, anything touching the skin is not always harmful. In many cases, the immune system overreacts and immediately sends antibodies to help find the invader called an allergen. As a result, a red and itchy rash develops in the [...]

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A parasite is the cause of malaria. The infected mosquitoes transmit this parasite in our bodies when they bite us. People usually have a high fever and shaking chills while they have malaria. Malaria affects a large number of people every year and many of them die from the disease. In tropical and subtropical countries, malaria [...]

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Some Essential Features of a Quality Pathology Lab

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The study of medical diseases and conditions is known as pathology. The detection and analysis of the causes and the progression of diseases comprise the total thing. Pathologists are the medical specialists dealing in the study and practices of pathology. When the matter is the detection of diseases related to any part of the body, pathology [...]

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Bilirubin Blood Test

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In everyone’s blood and stool, there is a yellow pigment known as bilirubin. A doctor can check the levels of bilirubin in the blood from the results of a bilirubin blood test. In some cases, the liver fails to process the bilirubin in the body. There can be different causes behind this. Some causes are an [...]

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