Diarrhea is a type of health condition that turns one’s bowel movements loose or watery. In case you are suffering from this and are looking for effective solutions, you are at the right place! The good news is that diarrhea is usually not a very severe disease that you need to fear. In normal cases, it is cured within a day or two. Medical experts at diagnostic centres in uttarpara suggest the following home remedies.

  • Drink Water:

    The most important thing is to keep your body hydrated by drinking enough water. Diarrhea makes your body lose a large quantity of fluid along with electrolytes. Hence, it is necessary to consume enough water to replace that. You could also drink certain sports drinks like Gatorade that is known to boost up your energy. In case you plan to drink fruit juices, make sure to avoid apple and prune.

  • Eat Starchy Foods:

    A number of cereals such as tapioca or pre-cooked rice is known to ease the tummy. While having your meals, try to avoid adding too much of salt or sugar as they have the potential to aggravate the condition. Apart from this, try to stay away from oatmeal due to its high fiber content that may affect the intestines. Instead, try adding potatoes to your diet as they comfort the stomach and restore nutrients. However, medical experts at diagnostic centres in Hooghly warn against eating deep fried items like potato chips, French fries, etc. Another simple option for starchy food is cooked rice.

  • Eat Yogurt:

    While it is true that diarrhea can be managed with yogurt, it is not plain yogurt that we are talking about! You need to consume the ones that contain live bacterial cultures such as Bifid bacterium and Lactobacillus acidophilus. These are known to restore the beneficial bacteria in the intestine by creating lactic acid, while removing the harmful bacteria responsible for diarrhea. You may also add a fruit to the yogurt for added benefits and flavours.

  • Use Apples:

    Health experts at diagnostic centres in Hooghly suggest cooking about 1 to 2 apples into a mushy consistency. This should be followed by adding one tsp ghee, a bit of cardamom, and a little nutmeg. This mixture is a deliciously as well as an effective remedy for curing diarrhea.

  • Chamomile Tea:

    This tea is beneficial for its antispasmodic properties that offer relief from a number of intestinal disorders, including intestinal inflammation.