Have you or your loved ones been diagnosed with breast cancer? We, at the best super specialty polyclinic in Hooghly, intend to help you with as much information as we can.  Let’s talk about breast cancer and a pathologist’s role in your cure plan.

This Blog Will Talk About-

  • How Does Breast Cancer Start?
  • What Are The Early Symptoms Of Breast Cancer?
  • Are There Any Risk Factors?
  • What Is A Mammogram?
  • When To Go For A Mammogram?

How Does Breast Cancer Start?

When the breast’s cells grow out of control, cancer occurs. In most cases, it begins in the breast lobules or ducts.  Though cancer is most common in women, men are prone to develop it as well.

For your information, breast cancer symptoms and signs are not the same for every patient. Some might grow a palpable tenderness or lumps, while some experience nothing. Still, certain changes might signal breast cancer.

What Are The Early Symptoms Of Breast Cancer?

Here are some early symptoms of breast cancer-

  • New lumps in the underarm or breast
  • Swelling or thickening of a partial area of the breast
  • Dimpling or irritation of the breast skin
  • Flaky or redness in the nipple area
  • Pain around the nipple area
  • Any unusual change in the shape or size of breasts.

What Are The Risk Factors?

Your risk of developing breast cancer increases as you age. Most breast cancer patients are above the age of 40. Still, younger women have the chance to develop it – say the best doctors available in Hooghly.

The most common risk factors are –

  • Increasing age
  • A family history of breast cancer
  • Extreme exposure to radiation
  • Obesity
  • Early menstruation and late menopause
  • Conceiving for the first child at an older age
  • Never being pregnant
  • Addiction to alcohol or tobacco

When To Go For A Mammogram?

So, you are wondering when should you start screening for your breast cancer. Here are the details-

All women aged between 40-49  need a yearly mammogram after their doctors suggest so

All women aged 50 and above must go for it once every two years

For some patients with higher risks, the screening needs to start even before they are 40.

What Is A Mammogram?

Simply put, a mammogram is an X-ray picture of your breast. It is the best tool available to examine breast cancer. Nowadays, new-gen pathology labs use digital mammograms that make the whole process easier.

A mammogram once a year is crucial because breast cancer has become very common nowadays. Early detection means that you can start your treatment quite earlier. Make sure that you are choosing the best pathlab for your cancer screening. For example, MNC Pathlab is the best doctor’s clinic in Hooghly for its high-quality services. Make sure you choose the best one in your area too.