The pandemic we have been suffering since 2020, is nothing less than a nightmare. It has costed so many lives since then and the nation has been waiting for the right vaccines. But still, some people are not willing to take it yet. Unfortunately, there are some misconceptions about vaccines and their side effects. In this blog, we will clear all these.

Table Of Contents

  • Why Should One Get Vaccinated?
  • Can You Move Freely After Taking It?
  • Who Are Not Ideal Candidates To Take Vaccines?
  • Is There Any Chronic Side-Effect?

Why Should One Get Vaccinated?

Well, it is a no-brainer that vaccine is the shield against catching the virus. After getting both doses, you will have a reduced chance of getting affected. Besides, we are all fed up with the pandemic and we want to go mask-free like other countries. But, as the best polyclinic in Hooghly observes it is only possible when we all take the vaccine.

Can You Move Freely After Taking The Vaccine?

The answer will be no. Until every citizen in India has not received it, we are not risk-free. Vaccines help you to build your immunity for better prevention or recovery. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t get the virus at all. Until everyone takes the vaccine, life won’t be normal like before.

Who Are Not Ideal Candidates To Take Vaccines?

As per the best diagnostic center in Hooghly

  • Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers can’t get the vaccine
  • People who are below eighteen years
  • If you had severe allergic reactions after the first dose, don’t go for the second one without consulting a doctor

Is There Any Chronic Side-Effect?

Well, it is common to experience some mild-to-moderate side effects after you got jabbed. It happens because your immune system is telling your body to react. It increases the blood flow and raises your body temperature to kill the virus. You are most likely to have a fever for twenty-four hours after injected. But a better immune shield against the Coronavirus is worth the suffering.

Doctors and researchers have confirmed that there are no proven chronic side effects. All the COVID vaccines are verified and safe and you don’t need to worry about their impact. Even the short-time effect like one-day fever is not a side-effect, but proof that you are building a better immunity.

So, don’t worry about the outcomes and take the vaccines soon so that we can fight our battle against COVID. The world will be a better place again once we all have taken preventive measures. Besides vaccines, do not forget to eat right, exercise, and go for a regular health check-up at the best diagnostic center in Uttarpara and wherever you live.