There is vast importance of a balanced diet for a healthy lifestyle. It will help your body to get all the essential nutrients and you will remain healthy. The best doctor in Uttarpara also advises people to have a balanced diet. Before discussing this matter, let us first understand what a balanced diet is.

A balanced diet

A balanced diet is something which provides the nutrients essential for the proper functioning of your body. Getting sufficient calories is the main thing about diet. If you include fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and other foods rich in calories, your body gets proper nutrition.

Calories indicate the energy content in the food. When you walk, think or breathe, calories get consumed. On gender, age and physical activity, a person’s calories depend. For example, people who do not exercise need fewer calories than people who do. The experienced dietician attached to a doctor clinic in Hooghly can advise you about your diet plan.

Importance of a balanced diet

You will have better health, have more energy and great mood if you consume a healthy diet. A person’s overall health and well-being depend on good nutrition, healthy body weight and physical activity. You will be prone to infection and diseases if you not have a proper diet that keeps your body fit and healthy. The importance of nutritious food is more for children as lack of it can make them develop growth and developmental problems. Lack of a balanced diet can lead to health problems like heart disease, diabetes, cancer and stroke. If you remain physically active, you can avoid these problems and your mental health will also improve.

Foods that fall under a balanced diet

As per the opinion of a dietician from a doctor chamber in Uttarpara, the following types of food fall under a balanced diet.

  • Vegetables including starchy vegetables, leafy greens, legumes and others
  • Fruits that include fresh and frozen ones, but not those canned ones dipped in syrup
  • Grains like whole and refined grains
  • Protein such as fish, chicken and legumes
  • Dairy products, which include low-fat milk, yoghurt, soy milk and cottage cheese

One should choose items from each of the food types as per the recommended quantity. The organs and tissues in our body need proper nutrition and therefore, the right amount of nutrients and calories is necessary.

Apart from a balanced diet, healthy practices of eating are also important. These include:

  • Eat smaller portions: It is always better to eat smaller portions of food multiple times a day.
  • Take time to eat: You should not be in a hurry to finish your meal. It is important to take time while eating. You should also properly chew your food while eating as this helps in the digestion procedure.