The blood sugar test is basically a procedure that monitors the levels of glucose or sugar present within your blood. Doctors advice this test to detect diabetes, and individuals suffering from diabetes, can get themselves tested to manage their body condition. With the accurate test done from MNC Pathlab, the diagnostic centre in Hooghly you can make a holistic plan to fight this deadly disease named diabetes through diet, exercise and medicines.

Importance of blood sugar test

Through Blood Sugar (F, PP), you will learn which one to follow, medication or work-outs,
lifestyle change and the overall treatment approach for diabetes. Blood tests are also prescribed by the doctors of the doctor clinic in Hooghly in the form of a simple check-up. It is because the specialist wants to be sure whether you are suffering from pre-diabetes or diabetes (high blood sugar). It is a condition, where the levels of sugar within your blood are much higher than normal. So, the correct blood sugar level is very important to get the right treatment for diabetes and pre-diabetes.

What will a blood sugar test do?

A proper blood sugar test helps you to manage the sugar levels present in your blood.
The blood sugar test also helps in finding out whether or not you have low sugar levels, which can lead to seizures or coma if not treated timely. This test will also help in determining high blood sugar that can lead to ketoacidosis, which is a deadly condition.

Types of blood sugar tests

The two types of blood sugar tests are F (Fasting) and PP (Post Prandial).
Fasting will provide you with information on how exactly your body is managing the blood sugar levels.
The Post-Prandial test will provide you with information on how much glucose is present in your
blood right after a meal.
You can opt for an F or PP test from a reputed clinic like ours and the cost for the Blood Sugar
(F, PP) Test, is quite affordable in MNC Pathlab Diagnostic Centre.
You can perform blood test in Hooghly both through home tests and continuous glucose
monitoring. Home tests are okay for daily monitoring but before changing the treatment plans you should always opt for a blood sugar test from a diagnostic of high repute and authenticity. You can visit our diagnostic at Uttarpara to get yourself tested. High sanitization protocols are followed in our clinic. For consultation also experienced doctors are available who will suggest you the blood sugar test and with the reports they can guide you towards a stress-free life from diabetes. Even they can help you prevent yourself from worsening your condition if you are at a pre – diabetes state.