Just like everyone else, you love the internet. But at the same time, you need to keep in mind that while the internet contains a wealth of great information, it also contains a wealth of misinformation and myths. And talking about the current topic in hand, there are lots of myths regarding a gynaecologist and you need to be aware of those before visiting one.

  • You must be 21 years old to visit a OB-GYN 

This may seem obvious but this is not true. Still there are a surprising number of well-educated people who still believe this. The fact is, however, those girls who are even 13 years old can start seeing an OB-GYN. A gynaecologist usually provides routine health screening, answers concerns regarding the menstrual cycle and provides earlier sex education. However, this visit to the best diagnostic centre in Hooghly to see the best gynaecologist available there generally doesn’t include a pelvic examination for the youngest patients unless strictly recommended.

  • You only need to visit a gynaecologist during child-bearing years 

In fact, you should routinely visit a gynaecologist over your entire lifespan. Seeing an OB-GYN routinely gives you the opportunity to discuss any unusual or concerning bodily changes which accommodate aging, pre-menopause and menopause. Plus, your gynaecologist will also screen you for various kinds of cancer – like cervical cancer.

  • A gynaecologist only helps you when you are pregnant 

Regular visits to your gynaecology provide the opportunity for your physician to screen for diseases like cancer. Besides pregnancy you can always visit the expert for any concerns you may have.

  • Being on birth control for a long time can actually decrease your fertility 

This is actually quite a common myth which is doing the rounds for decades. But using birth control doesn’t decrease one’s fertility. Over time, women’s fertility gets diminished and therefore if you only stop birth control much later in life, it still can be difficult to conceive.

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  • An USG test is extremely painful and it requires you to remove all your clothes

This is some weird kind of myth which holds no amount of truth. An USG test is never painful and you don’t require removing all your clothes. During the test, an expert uses a small probe called transducer and applies a gel directly on your abdomen skin so that you just have to raise your cloth up to your belly button. High-frequency sound waves travel from the probe through the gel into your body.


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