It is important to get a woman’s body tested timely:

Nowadays, people lead a fast-paced life where they hardly get time to review the condition of their health. They neither notice if they are consuming proper food timely nor do they get enough sleep. Exercise is also time-taking. But all these are very important for a healthy body. Women are no exception; today’s women are managing both household chores and their jobs outside. They prepare their children, take care of their in-laws and manage the whole house. They are too busy to take care of themselves. Though they know how the combination of proper food, sleep, exercise and water contribute to their well-being, they fail to do so. Rather, they don’t even pay attention to what is happening to their body. This super busy schedule hardly allows them to get time for self-care. But it is really important, suggests a specialist of a diagnostic centre in Hooghly.

A woman’s body is different:

A woman’s body undergoes many things since childhood like getting monthly periods etc. She feels extreme pain in her lower abdomen and bleeds from her vagina. She becomes really weak during this time of the month.
When she becomes pregnant, she carries a new life within her womb and that damages her body like anything. She either undergoes surgery or a normal delivery. Both harm a mother’s body.

Women need to be taken care of:

She is a daughter, a wife, a mother and a daughter-in-law. All these relationships are very precious to her and she can go to any extend to make sure that her dear ones are fine. Meanwhile, she forgets herself and she is never concerned about her health. Thus, if you reside in Uttarpara take the women of your house to the nearest doctor clinic called Dr. M. N. Chatterjee Memorial Pathology Laboratory.

  • Detection: Early detection is one of the most prominent benefits of getting a routine test. This keeps one updated about her health. The test results help one analyze the current situation of her body and prevents possibilities of mild or chronic diseases.
  • Awareness: This monitoring makes one aware and helps take necessary precautions.

Usual diseases that women get affected by: as discussed by experts of pathology lab in Hooghly-

  • Depression- This is a very common disease in almost every woman. When she is tired of taking care of everyone around her and looks at the mirror, her eyes are filled with futility. She gets depressed and this may lead her to death even.
  • High blood pressure: Tension is her best companion which she can’t get rid of. This leads to high blood pressure.
  • Breast cancer: The lifestyle of modern women calls forth the possibility to get infected by breast cancer.
  • PCOD: Polycystic Ovarian Disease is very common in women (12-45 age groups). This can cause irregular menstrual periods and problems in conceiving later on

So it’s always better to get tested before it is late. If you are a resident of Hooghly, you can get your blood tests done right away from Dr. M. N. Chatterjee Memorial Pathology Laboratory. This diagnostic centre provides one, with all these important tests and they assure fastest report delivery.