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Routine Tests for Men

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Routine tests may be of several types though normally includes several blood tests and tests for prostate cancer. The screening for any healthy man includes a digital rectal examination and a prostate specific antigen blood test. The routine blood tests help the doctors check for specific diseases and conditions. These tests help the doctor to [...]

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What Does Serology Positive mean?

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Serology tests are particular type of blood tests that are performed to detect and measure the level of antibodies in blood. When our body is exposed to bacteria or viruses, the immune system of the body produces specific antibodies against the organism. Serologic tests have been used in diagnosing various disease conditions. These tests normally [...]

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Bad Foods for your heart

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There is no doubt about the necessity to take extensive care for keeping heart in responsive condition. One of the leading concerns in our country is the alarming rate of heart disease and growing rate of cardiac arrest and death due to heart failure. Medical laboratories in Uttarpara reveal the fact that intake of unsafe [...]

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Ten tips for testing Blood Sugar at home

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Diabetes complications can be averted by controlling level of blood sugar. Physicians at the Doctor chamber in Uttrapara suggest methods like diet, exercises and going through some medication as tools to combat this fearful disease. But, a regularized testing of blood sugar can only indicate that the patient has been managing the disease with success. [...]

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