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What Fruits You Must Stop Eating If You Have Diabetes?

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You will have restrictions on eating fruit if you are diagnosed with diabetes. Your blood sugar is affected by fruits as they are carbohydrates and you cannot have as much as you want. Your blood sugar rises high on eating some particular fruits. The fruits which affect blood sugar are not the same for all people. [...]

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Some important blood tests.

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The doctors can know how well the organs of the body are working by different blood tests. By these tests, the doctors can also diagnose various diseases and conditions. Some blood tests are described here. Blood Glucose Test Blood glucose tests are also referred to as blood glucose tests. After you have fasted, they can [...]

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Blood Glucose Test

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Blood Glucose level is measured with the help of blood glucose test. Glucose is one of the principal sources of energy in our body. Having too much or too little amount of glucose in blood indicate serious diagnosable situation. Increased level of glucose in blood is taken as a sign of diabetes. Diabetes is a kind [...]

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Routine Tests for Men

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Routine tests may be of several types though normally includes several blood tests and tests for prostate cancer. The screening for any healthy man includes a digital rectal examination and a prostate specific antigen blood test. The routine blood tests help the doctors check for specific diseases and conditions. These tests help the doctor to [...]

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