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A painful rash with blisters is known as shingles, also called herpes zoster. The reactivation of the chicken pox virus (varicella zoster) causes this skin problem. On one side of the body or face, this rash occurs affecting a small area. The older people or those with a weaker immune system normally suffer from this disease [...]

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The Changes in Pathology

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A noticeable change is being seen in the field of pathology since the last few years. There is a continuous improvement in the tools needed in pathology labs as well as in the basic skills pathologists need. Nowadays, a pathologist has to come out of the laboratory and communicate with the entire patient care team to [...]

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Importance of Clinical Laboratories and Clinical Pathologists

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In the entire health care world, the clinical laboratory plays a vital role. The clinical decisions taken by physicians, nurses and other health care providers are heavily impacted by the testing done in a clinical laboratory, which is also known as pathology lab or diagnostic centre, as it provides important information needed for the prevention, diagnosis, [...]

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Different Tests to Diagnose HIV

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There is only one way to detect if a person has HIV and that is by getting an HIV test. Different types of tests are present in diagnostic centres in uttarpara to check one’s body fluids or blood in order to detect if the person is infected. However, most of these tests fail to identify HIV [...]

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