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Importance of Clinical Laboratories and Clinical Pathologists

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In the entire health care world, the clinical laboratory plays a vital role. The clinical decisions taken by physicians, nurses and other health care providers are heavily impacted by the testing done in a clinical laboratory, which is also known as pathology lab or diagnostic centre, as it provides important information needed for the prevention, diagnosis, [...]

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Endoscopy: What Is It?

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Endoscopy is a process that enables a doctor to analyze the insides of a patient's body. Initially, this test was used only in case of stomach, esophagus, and colon. At present, doctors recommend an endoscopy in a diagnostic centre in Hooghly while diagnosing multiple diseases of the nose, ear, throat, urinary tract, heart, abdomen and joints. [...]

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How to Cure Piles At Home Naturally

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Piles are swollen haemorrhoids that develop either inside or around the anus, and sometimes along the length of the anal passage. Haemorrhoids are clumps, masses or cushions of tissue consisting of support tissue, blood vessels, elastic fibers and muscles in the anal passage. Causes According to medical experts at diagnostic centres in Hooghly, the major causes [...]

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What Does Serology Positive mean?

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Serology tests are particular type of blood tests that are performed to detect and measure the level of antibodies in blood. When our body is exposed to bacteria or viruses, the immune system of the body produces specific antibodies against the organism. Serologic tests have been used in diagnosing various disease conditions. These tests normally focus [...]

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