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Common Medications for Heart Disease

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For patients suffering from heart disease, a number of medications are available. A doctor prescribes the necessary medicines for a particular patient after proper diagnosis and properly checking whether the medicines have any harmful side effects or not. The specialist at the doctor clinic in Hooghly prescribes some of the following medications according to the symptoms: [...]

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Uterine Fibroids

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The benign tumours that originate in the uterus (womb) are known as uterine fibroids. They are much denser than normal myometrium (uterine wall), although they are composed of the same smooth muscle fibres as the myometrium. The shape of uterine fibroids is usually round. Fibroids do not cause pain or other symptoms in most cases. However, [...]

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The Changes in Pathology

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A noticeable change is being seen in the field of pathology since the last few years. There is a continuous improvement in the tools needed in pathology labs as well as in the basic skills pathologists need. Nowadays, a pathologist has to come out of the laboratory and communicate with the entire patient care team to [...]

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How to Heal Thyroid with Food

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Thyroid is considered to be one of the vital organs of the body, yet it is the most neglected. This butterfly-shaped gland produces hormones that control many important functions of the body such as regulating the sleep pattern, metabolizing food, managing weight, mood swings, anxiety and depression. Medical experts at diagnostic centres in uttarpara usually recommend undergoing blood tests and [...]

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