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Some Medical Tests for Heart Disease

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If you feel the symptoms of heart disease, you should go for a number of medical tests. We will briefly discuss some of them here. Angiogram Coronary Angiogram During or after a heart attack or angina, the doctor may suggest a coronary angiogram. Cardiac catheterisation is another name of it. The doctor inserts a small tube [...]

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Blood Glucose Test

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Blood Glucose level is measured with the help of blood glucose test. Glucose is one of the principal sources of energy in our body. Having too much or too little amount of glucose in blood indicate serious diagnosable situation. Increased level of glucose in blood is taken as a sign of diabetes. Diabetes is a kind [...]

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Ten tips for testing Blood Sugar at home

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Diabetes complications can be averted by controlling level of blood sugar. Physicians at the Doctor chamber in Uttrapara suggest methods like diet, exercises and going through some medication as tools to combat this fearful disease. But, a regularized testing of blood sugar can only indicate that the patient has been managing the disease with success. [...]

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Top 5 diagnostic centers in Kolkata

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1. Dr. Lal Pathlabs Dr. Lal Pathlabs is one of the most renowned diagnostic and healthcare service providers in India. Through their network of 190+ clinical laboratories and 5000+ pickup points spread all across India, they offer more than 3,368 diagnostic and healthcare tests. Experience of several years has earned them the reputation of being [...]

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