About blood tests:

A blood test is a very common diagnostic examination. It is done either as a routine health checkup or as a checkup to diagnose a disease. This is also used as the detection test for checking the presence of a bacteria or virus which is causing irritation or discomfort to a patient. A pathology lab in Uttarpara provides all kinds of blood tests which help the patient understand the reason behind his/her suffering. Blood tests hardly produce any pain but it helps one decrease immense stress as it results in finding out the disease so that the right treatment can be started after the same.

A smooth blood draw procedure requires few steps to be followed that include:

A full stomach may become a hindrance in the path of an accurate blood test result. So, most of the doctors recommend fasting of at least 8 hours before the blood test is done. According to a general medicine doctor in Hooghly, nutrients present in both food and drinks spread into your blood and may change the measurements of the test. This may lead to an inaccurate test report and wrong treatment respectively. So, it is always advised by the doctors to fast 8 to 10 hours before a blood test is done. Only water is allowed to drink so that your body remains hydrated.
As an example, if you drink or eat something (except water) before a glucose blood test, probably a higher blood sugar level will come as a result which may mislead the doctor. If you fast, the doctor gets a baseline of your blood sugar which can be compared to the true picture of the sugar level. This will definitely help the doctor provide the right treatment.
Water intake:
If you remain hydrated, the water ensures a smooth blood draw as it allows the veins to plump up. So, it becomes easier for the doctor or lab technician to locate your veins from which they can draw blood. This also helps you cause minimal pain while drawing the blood with a needle.
Choosing the right diagnostic centre:
Diagnostic centers that consist of skilled medical technicians are always preferred. You can take suggestions from your doctor too regarding the same. Experienced medical technicians draw blood smoothly from the patients causing minimal pain. A diagnostic centre along with a doctor chamber in Uttarpara called M.N. Chatterjee Memorial Pathology Laboratory has been serving humans for long. Therefore, a reliable diagnostic centre is always important while making your choice.
Little bruising:
Mild swelling and bruising around the area of puncture is quite normal which disappears in just a few hours. A general medicine doctor based in Hooghly has advised being very conscious while choosing a diagnostic centre as it not only detects the disease but also helps the doctor provide the right treatment based on the reports.