Welcome to the surreal, disrupted world after the pandemic. Almost every 8 out of 10 persons are dealing with some mental issues and very few actually stand up and talk about it.

Mainly, social media influenced us to focus more on self-care during the initial days of the lockdown. When you hear the term self-care  you either think of a warm mug, cozy blanket, and your favorite movie/book or skin exfoliating face mask, soothing music, and candle aroma diffuser.

No matter how simple the concept of self-care seems, achieving these moments of self-kindness often gets challenging, especially for the survivors of complex trauma.

Self-care plan for the victims of trauma 

Managing your mood is healthy, self-respecting, restorative, and highly required in today’s fast-paced life. If self care is that much healing and life-transforming, why does it feel so hard when you are in trauma?

When we are talking about anything related to trauma, it’s complicated!  The reasons are extremely layered and vast. There is no one-size-fits-all fix for each case of trauma management. As per a well-known clinical psychologist at the best diagnostic center in Hooghly, not every suggestion will work for you. Only an eminent and well-experienced trauma management psychologist can evaluate your case and provide a solution.

If you are considering seeing a psychologist near you, maybe it’s the best option. In addition to that, here are some basic at-home care tips for you –

  • Self-evaluation is a MUST! 

Maybe you haven’t yet realized the fact that you are a trauma survivor. Does it feel like the same disasters keep happening to you? For instance, do you leave jobs for the same reason? Do you break up with your dates for the same reason? Does the general feeling of unease keep coming back to you?  You might have been going through a lot lately.

  • Validate Yourself

First and foremost, there is nothing WRONG with you. Whatever the cause of your trauma is, what you have experienced is hurtful and real, and hence how you feel is not your fault. It’s important to validate yourself before you consult a reputed psychologist in the best polyclinic in Uttarpara.

  • Playing With Your Five Senses 

In today’s sedentary lifestyle, you are always on the run! You run quite a marathon every day. Try to pause for a while. Just stop in the middle of whatever you are doing, wherever you are going and feel your senses for a few seconds. That’s your first step towards mindfulness.

Start with five different things mentioned below –

  1. What you see (perhaps the trees outside the window you are seating by)
  2. Next, what you hear (perhaps the telephone which is ringing on your workmate’s desk)
  3. What can you sense with your skin (maybe the tingling pain of your ear piercing that you got two days back)
  4. Also, what can you taste (perhaps the lingering of coffee on your tongue)
  5. And last but not least, what can you smell (maybe your own perfume)

Focus on your surroundings, practice mindfulness for at least 10-12 seconds a day, and rely on your concerned psychologist from the best doctor chamber in Uttarpara for the rest of your trauma management plan and care.